Meet Georgie - Director of GgBrows

Semi-permanent makeup artist and dermal filler injector.

Meet Georgie, the founder and director of Ggbrows. Georgie started her career in the aesthetics industry in 2011. As her passions for the semi-permanent makeup industry grew, Georgie believed that the industry needed more artistic technicians to deliver the highest quality semi-permanent make-up. Drawing an eyebrow onto somebody’s face is like painting a masterpiece and every hair must be drawn with precision and care. As an avid artist from an early age, Georgie knew that she had the skill to create the perfect ombre brow. Over five years on, Georgie’s artistic talent has seen her become one of the leading eyebrow technicians in the United Kingdom. As her interest in the aesthetic industry has grown, so too has the business. Today, Georgie doesn’t only offer eyebrow services but has extensive training in lip and dermal filler treatments.

Georgie GgBrows
Rachel GgBrows

Meet Nurse Rachel - Elite Practitioner

GgBrows is proud to have Nurse Rachel as an integral member of our aesthetic team. Rachel qualified from university as a paediatric nurse in 2013 and has continued to work for the NHS ever since. Alongside working for the NHS, Rachel has always had an eye for beauty and a real interest the aesthetic industry. Therefore, after qualifying as a nurse, she decided to train as a Botox and dermal filler injector. Rachel believes that enhancing a person’s physical attributes can help build their confidence and psychological state. She loves making people more confident about themselves and is dedicating to ensuring that every client walks out of the clinic happy with their results. Rachel is also committed to keeping up to date with the newest styles and trends of the aesthetic industry and therefore continues to educate herself and undergo extensive training in order to enhance her skills

Meet Niamh - Social Media Manager

Niamh is our social media manager and head administrator. Niamh has always been interested in the aesthetic industry and has a number of qualifications in beauty therapy. With this knowledge and a passion for glamour, Niamh is always on hand to answer any questions you might have about the procedures we offer at GgBrows. Niamh believes that aesthetic procedures can dramatically improve a person’s confidence and loves seeing the transformations our clients undergo.

Niamh GgBrows